Like Haptic poetry, which combines characteristics of typography and sculpture, this work creates an object not  only to be performed, but to be touched and manipulated.


 As touching is a visceral experience that taps into the physical dimension of memory, recalling different images and feelings than those evoked by playing an instrument – a non-verbal dialogue may take place. Touching each page / score requires close contact with this work, creating a of sense of other. Touching each page of this score will enable you to embody your own meaning for each page. Meaning emerges not only from your own feelings, thoughts, and memories, but also from the sensations and movements of your fingers and hands touching each surface.

Duration: ~7

Instrumentation: Piano, 3 contact mics, and score

Year: 2017 

copyright @ 2020 Kelley Sheehan
© 2017 Kelley Sheehan