© 2017 Kelley Sheehan

Within un beat a percevoir, beating phenomenon is used to connect the vocal text to interacting beating sinewaves. These beats are pitched extremely low, at the threshold of the human hearing spectrum. These frequencies may be inaudible to the learner, depending on their individual hearing, without the assistance of headphones, a loud stereo system, or physically perceiving the tone through vibrations. Therefore, each person may receive this work differently, pointing to our differences which have occurred at birth or throughout our lifetimes as a fulcrum of understanding of the work.

Un beat à percevoir translates as 'one beat that you can discern' alluding to the phenomenon of beating that is occurring between two sine tones throughout this tape work. Generated within max msp, the piece uses oscillators and a narrated text. This text 'paints' the overall movement of the oscillators as they move closer or further in frequencies thereby generating more or less pulsating beats. The sine tones themselves sit just at the threshold of hearing, often forcing the beating pattern to be felt rather than heard. Using headphones or a rather loud stereo system is highly recommended.


Listen with headphones or with speakers that can handle very low frequencies (computer speakers will not do well)

Duration: 6' 50"

Instrumentation: tape

Year: 2017 

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