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Kelley Sheehan is composer and computer musician moving between acoustic, electro-acoustic, and performance art works. In any medium, her work centers on noise, performance, and interaction. Her work has been described as "Full of discovery, collaboration, and unpredictability" (Gaudeamus Foundation) with "Woozy Electronics" (LA Weekly). 

Upcoming projects include works for Nadar Ensemble, International Contemporary Ensemble, wasteLAnd, Ensemble Mise-En, ~Nois, and Wet Ink.

Recently named winner of the Gaudeamus Award 2019, she has also been awarded fellowships at the 2019 National Composers Intensive with LA Philharmonic and the International Contemporary Ensemble, the 2019 wasteLAnd Summer Academy, MISE-EN Place Bushwick Residency, Composition Fellow at Nief- Norf,  EQ: Evolution of the String Quartet at the Banff center. 


Currently based in Boston, MA (USA).

PhD, Harvard University (currently pursuing)

Chaya Czernowin, Hans Tutschku, Sivan Cohen Elias

MM, DePaul University

Frederick Gifford

BM, Columbia College

 Marcos Balter, Kenn Kumpf

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