CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1/9/2022: Civic Fellows perform R.A.M at Buntrock Hall at Chicago Symphony Center

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 12/4/2021:  Speaker Spit for Collegium Novum Zurich and conductor Johannes  Schöllhorn

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 12/2/2021:  Josh Perry will perform a work of mine at MISE-EN PLACE

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, 11/27/2021:  Ensemble Vortex's Arturio Corrales performs Tech Bite

ITHACA, NY, 12/2/2021: Volatile Objects [a work in progress] performed by Alinea Ensemble at Ithaca College​

BOSTON, MA, 11/30/2021: Volatile Objects [a work in progress] premiered by Alinea Ensemble at NEC​


NEW YORK, 10/2021: Four Sharp Corners performed as part of the Five American Premieres concert​

BLUDENZ, AUSTRIA, 10/2021:  Ensemble Mosaik performs ()*, the drummer at BTzM

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 9/30/2021:  Fonema Consort performs eyes on at Ear Taxi Fest 

BERLIN, GERMANY, 8/22/2021: Ensemble Mosaik plays ()*, the drummer as part of their UpToThree summer workshop/festival 

WARSAW, POLAND, 8/10/2021: Ensemble Kompopolex plays #006f at Sinfonia Varsovia

TOYKO, JAPAN, 7/13/2021:  A Series of Colors is performed at Suginami Kokaido in Tokyo 

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, 6/2021:  Musica Nova Ensemble performs R.A.M at Tzlil Meudcan Fest 

STRASBOURG, FRANCE, 6/11/2021:  Collective lovemusic performs Brainzaps and Et Error No.2

BERLIN, GERMANY, 5/7/2021: ensemble mosaik performs ( )*, the Drummer at  forma Leipzig Jubiläumsfestival 2021

NEW YORK, 4/23/2021-4/26/2021:  residency/recording of Et Error No.2  with TAK ensemble and HGNM

LONDON, UK, 4/20/2021:  Riot Ensemble premieres Untitled Acid at Kings Place


CAMBRIDGE. MA (zoom), 3/22/2021: Public Colloquium with Harvard Group for New Music 

ONLINE. 1/2/2021: Collective lovemusic includes Brainzaps in the concert "Digital Love"


ONLINE, ZOOM, 12/13/2020:  the time is contained between these walls premieres  at Harvard University

AUSTIN, TEXAS, 12/9/2020:  Sentience for Line Upon Line premieres  at University of Texas

BERLIN, GERMANY, 11/2020:  Ensemble Mosiak premieres  ()*, the drummer at Klangwerkstatt Berlin - Festival für Neue Musik

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, 11/4/2020: Carter conducts 3 movements at University of Louisville

BREMEN, GERMANY, 11/20-22:  PGNM: Biennale Aktuelle Musik performs Talk Circus & Four Sharp Corners   [CANCELLED]

BLUDENZ, AUSTRIA, 10/2020:  [new work] for Ensemble Mosiak at BTzM  [POSTPONED to 2021]

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 10/20/2020: Collective lovemusic plays Brainzaps

ZOOM, ONLINE,  7/16/2020: Brainzaps for Collective lovemusic premieres online

MOSCOW, RUSSIA,  7/5/2020: Blue Noise Mvt 7 is performed by Yulia Migunova at reMusik​

PORTLAND, OREGON, 6/18-6/20/2020: New Installation in collaboration with Alex Hecker at New Music Gathering [MOVED ONLINE]

LA, CALIFORNIA, 5/22/2020: WasteLAnd ensemble performs Talk Circus at ArtShare LA  [CANCELLED]

TWITCH, ONLINE:  5/17/2020: improved set with ESS and curated by Elastic Arts for the Quarantine Concerts

NEW YORK, BY, 4/3/2020: [new work] for Josh Perry [POSTPONED due to COVID-19]


NEW YORK, BY, 4/2/2020: Josh Perry performs Blue Noise Mvt 7

Nois~ Quartet performs R.A.M (see below for more details)

          2/13 @ Bowling Green State University

          2/25 @ University of California -- Riverside

          3/1 @ Equal Sound Series in Los Angeles

          3/17 @ Truman State University

          4/8 @ University of Wisconsin -- Stevens Point

          4/9 @ University of Wisconsin -- Oshkosh

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, 3/12-3/14/2020: talk circus is performed as part of the SEAMUS 2020 National Conference

CAMBRIDGE, MA, 2/27/2020: Strange Strain is premiered by Schallfeld Ensemble with HGNM

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 1/23/2020: &4 for mixed trio and tape premieres by Mise-En Ensemble at Mise-En_PLACE


ALLSTON, MA, 12/5/2019: [new work] for electronics and percussion premieres at ArtLab Harvard.

BOSTON, MA, 12/4/2019: [new work] fixed media piece for 8 channels premieres at Harvard University, Paine Hall. 

NYC, NEW YORK, 11/24/2019: Of it for e. guitar and electronics written for Neil Beckmann premieres at Spectrum.

MADISON, WI, 11/1/2019: R.A.M performed by ~Nois Saxophone Quartet at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

WHITEWATER, WI, 10/22/2019: R.A.M performed by ~Nois Saxophone Quartet at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.

CHICAGO, IL, 10/13/2019: R.A.M premieres by ~Nois Saxophone Quartet at Constellation Chicago.

LA, CALIFORNIA, 10/5/2019: wasteLAnd plays Blue Noise (from A Series of Colors)

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 9/7/19: New Sound Installation for Senses Working Overtime a sound art exposition held at Gaudeamus.

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 9/6: Talk Circus performed by Slagwerk Den Haag during Gaudeamus Muziekweek.

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 9/5/19: Eyes on for Nadar Ensemble will premiere during Gaudeamus Muziekweek.

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 9/5: four sharp corners performed by INSOMNIO during Gaudeamus Muziekweek.

LA, CALIFORNIA, 8/2019: Webkitz for wasteLAnd Ensemble.

CHICAGO, IL, 6/23/19: "Untitled"(The Replacement of Light) at Constellation in Chicago, IL as part of the Frequencies Series. 

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, 6/8/19: Circle Speak is performed by myself for Omaha Under the Radar concert series.

CHICAGO, IL, 6/3/19: "Untitled"(The Replacement of Light) premieres in partnership with Civic Fellows and focused on highlight the experience of LGBT musicians/composers.

LA, CALIFORNIA, 6/1/19: With gathered leaves and flowers we build ourselves for International Contemporary Ensemble and premieres at Walt Disney Concert Hall in partnership with LA Phil.

NY, NY, 5/29/19: Finding the Form of it is performed by Riley Leitch at Spectrum NYC.

ST. PETERSBURG, 5/22/19: MVT 5 & MVT 8 of A Series of Colors performed by Victor Barceló at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater.

NORMALE, IL (Illinois State University), 4/29/2019: percussionist Francis Favis performs TALK!TALK at ISU.

VIRGINIA, 4/16/19: TALK!TALK premieres at GMU by Francis Favis

OMAHA, NE 4/6/19: International Contemporary Ensemble performs In the Words Of... as part of the Omaha One Festival

COLUMBUS, MO, 3/7/-3/9/19: Light Pedals is performed by Jonathan Levin as part of the Music By Women Festival.

NORMAL, IL, 1/22/19: Riley Leitch performs Finding the Form of It at Illinois State University.


CHICAGO, 12/10/2018: Riley Leitch premieres Finding The Form Of It at Slate Arts

CHICAGO, 11/28/2018: The Plucky Plunkers +  Peter Maunu + Zachary Good at the Beat Kitchen. 

CHICAGO, 11/17/2018: The Plucky Plunkers + Katherine Young improvise at Comfort Station hosted by the Gather Series. 

CHICAGO, Monday, 11/9/2018: Kelley Sheehan + Riley Leitch perform zP42.c as part of Oscillations at Experiment Sound Studios

BOSTON, MA, Saturday, 10/27: Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble perform Boundary Music at Boston New Music Festival.

CHICAGO, 10/21/2018: Kelley Sheehan performs at Narloch Studios with a handmade instrument with Jack Langdon, Adam Lee Sanders

CHICAGO, 10/17/2018; 5th Wave performs "variation" at DePaul University School of Music.

BANFF, ALBERTA, CA, 7/22/18: Four Sharp Corners premieres at the Banff Center for the Arts as part of the EQ Evolution String Quartet Summer Program. 


KNOXVILLE, TN, 06/21/18 : Talk Circus premieres during the Nief-Norf Summer Festival. 

BUSHWICK, NY, 2/17/18: A Series of Colors is work-shopped and recorded by Mise_en percussionist Josh Perry.

[ *This calendar does not reflect all previous performances in 2019 or prior*]