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Using the form, please reach out and let me know which score you're interested in. I will send the PDF.

If you're a student and solely want to study the score you can get the score for free.

If an ensemble/institution/library with stable backing then I'll ask for the usual fees for a score of the instrumentation (typically $10-35).

Additionally, select scores are available at BabelScores.


Please use form to contact for commissioning info and/or to start a discussion about collaborating. 


I do not have a newsletter but I do regularly update this website, so check back for any updates

I am currently not teaching private composition or electronic lessons

Contact with above form for any and all inquiries including press materials, edited bio versions, for information on ordering scores, parts, tape, and recordings, or for other performance-related issues. If programming, then please contact with details on where/when, etc.

Success! Message received.

KelleySheehan [at] g [dot] harvard [dot] edu

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