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Duration: 9'

Instrumentation: two pianos with feedback and two percussionist with electronics

Year: 2022/23

acoustic sourings


coming soon


coming soon

Program notes

In this piece are a set of “speaker drums;” a construction of speaker cones and their battery circuits attached to clips and/or metal sticks so that when these objects touch, as notated, they momentarily activate the speaker cones resulting in the pops, cracks, and
static heard. These colors are further enhanced by filtering through various objects placed on the speakers themselves. Additionally,
the pianist also particip
ates by placing the connectors on the low piano strings. The connections are

disrupted and activated by the vibrations of the strings themselves. At the center of this work is the idea of disintegration, connection between mechanics and performer, acoustic sourings, and precarious edges.

Commissioned and premiered by Yarn/Wire as part of their Currents Series. To be released in March 2023

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