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Duration: 1 - 20 mins (see individual movements for specific length). Entire collection should be approximately 20 minutes in length.

Instrumentation: primarily Snare Drum, Light, and Tape but see score for individual specifics of each mvt. 

Year: 2018

A Series of Colors

Program notes

When you take a significant gap out of white noise, you produce a short term auditory illusion similar to tinnitus, called a Zwicker tone. And while its general register can be contoured, the pitch heard by the experiencer cannot be predicted by the creator of the tone. I’ve been working with this phenomenon to blur the line between my own experience and that of the audience. Furthermore, the experience of one audience member to the next. 

While each movement is unique, during the performance of the entire collection, a percussionist will blend with (pre-recorded) noise to expose unexpected tonal elements of the snare drum (mvt 7). This will be accomplished through the use of exciters (small speakers, provided by me) and other materials’ against the snare drum. This is  interspersed with interludes of purely taped zwicker tones that may be performed by any musician. This experience culminates in an expansion from the purely aural realm into the visual - performance of zwicker tones with accompanying fixed video (mvt 8). The video addresses a closely related phenomenon to zwicker tones, visual snow. At the conclusion of the performance, each listener will have experienced something entirely unique and one that extends from the auditory into the direct physical realm. The aim is that each iteration will  adapt and grow through peer-community feedback. 

Movements may be played as a collection or individually. 

Developed at Mise-En_Place Bushwick Winter Residency in Feb of 2018. Blue Noise, mvt 7 was performed by percussionist Josh Perry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of exciters/transducers do you recommend and where can I find them?

this is my recommendation for exciter/transducers, I believe this company distributes worldwide:

exciter pair:


How should I  fix the snare drum on the table and what has worked well for you?

it should be on its side with the drumhead facing to the left of the performer. Here are a few photos of a setup that might be helpful.

The symbols/notation in movement 5 has a little video explaining them here:

link to video on google drive for streaming or download


Blue Noise (mvt 7)

Score Follower Video

Blue Noise (mvt 7)


Mvt 8


Mvt 5


Mvt 0

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