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Duration: 5'-15' (indeterminate)

InstrumentationMaze Toy + Electronics

Year: 2018

circle speak

Program notes

Improvisation using a children's maze toy interfaced with arduino* + max msp. The movement of the maze controls the resulting audio. Solve the maze toy to finish the piece.

2022 Update:

*There have also been many iterations of the hardware and software used. Currently, this piece uses (1) source audio 'hot hands' for the gyroscope and Max MSP for software which makes for easier shipping to performers.

There have also been other versions of this piece. It has been both a performed solo work and a sound installation, as seen here.



More Info:

image sample of patch


Contact for patch, tech setup, renting hardware, or for arduino code.  Any maze toy will work but should have at least 3 balls in the toy.

Thank you to source audio for sending several 'hot hands' to use for this work

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