In Talk Circus using percussive instruments, contact microphones, and a no-input mixer (NiPM) a new sound world, or “machine” emerges. Through this machine, intrinsic bonds between instrument and low/high-tech electronics are formed. In this piece, two percussionists use instruments affixed with contact mics that feed a mixer configured into a no-input pattern. A mixer set into such a pattern becomes an independent source for a variety of electronic sounds. With this set up, the NiPM  becomes an instrument in-and-of itself as well as a source to morph and "sample" the input of the percussive instruments. Furthermore, since the contact microphone of each percussionist connects to the NiPM thereby connecting to each other and forming a tight trio. This integrates each musician on stage into one unit; each musician forming a cog-in-the-wheel, and each person connecting to another in an entirely new and unique way. Premiered at Neif Norf Summer Music Festival on June 22nd. 

Duration: 6' 40"

Instrumentation: Two percussionist and one musician on No Input Mixer.

Year: 2018

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