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Duration: 6'40"

Instrumentation: 2 percussion & 1 musician on no-input mixer

Year: 2018

Talk Circus

Program notes

In Talk Circus using percussive instruments, contact microphones, and a no-input mixer (NiPM) a new sound world, or “machine” emerges. Through this machine, intrinsic bonds between instrument and low/high-tech electronics are formed. In this piece, two percussionists use instruments affixed with contact mics that feed a mixer configured into a no-input pattern. A mixer set into such a pattern becomes an independent source for a variety of electronic sounds. With this set up, the NiPM  becomes an instrument in-and-of itself as well as a source to morph and "sample" the input of the percussive instruments. Furthermore, since the contact microphone of each percussionist connects to the NiPM thereby connecting to each other and forming a tight trio. This integrates each musician on stage into one unit; each musician forming a cog-in-the-wheel, and each person connecting to another in an entirely new and unique way. Premiered at Neif Norf Summer Music Festival on June 22nd. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are boad balls or boading balls?

Boad balls are also sometimes called something along the lines of: "Chinese Stress Balls." They are silver, medium-heavy, smooth balls with chimes inside.


Here is an amazon link and ebay link for reference. 

What is no input mixing?

Here is a link to a tutorial by Sarah Belle Reid. This doesn't necessarily cover what I ask for in "talk circus" but it is similar.




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