Although there is no single reason for visual illusions it has been argued that when the brain attempts to generate a perception, it is taking a guess at the near future by trying to fast-forward nearly a tenth of a second. As a result of this "neural delay," you might not be perceiving an image as it actually is, but as you expect it might soon be. In short, illusions occur when the brain attempts to perceive the future, and those perceptions don't match reality. All of this is to say that Tech Bite ties the gestures of the slide whistle with this image that tricks the brain into perceiving movement. In the process of composing, I tracked my own eye and translated it’s movement into timbral parameters and spatial delineations.

Duration: ~9

Instrumentation: Slide Whistle, contact mic, small amplifier, multieffect pedal. teenage pocket operator (sub).

Year: 2017