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Duration: 16'

Instrumentation:  cello, contra/bass clarinet, violin, percussion, alto flute, 3 DIY speaker operators, 2 sound engineers, 1 electronics musician

Year: 2022

the bends


coming soon

Program notes

many of my works have centered an element of machinery - stitching the ensemble together in such a way that they could be considered cogs within one engulfing mechinism.
For the bends, each person in this ensemble form one living reactive enviroment, that through subjective actions/gestures, interpretation, and collective decisions, navigates through this work. Crafting and reinforcing the resulting enviroment rather than grating against it.

With many thanks to the members of [~switch ensemble] for taking on this work and providing the nurturing space to work together.


coming soon

Commission by and written for [~switch ensemble]

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