My first real live concert experience was an overcrowded RUSH concert with my dad was I was very young. I vividly remember Neal Peart's showy and virtuosic solos that included a rotating drum set, triggering midi pads, and accompanying video (that he also triggered). When I started to think of this piece the new broke of Peart's death and so I found myself wanting to engage with that memory. Loosely titled after one of Peart's famous solos "der trommler."

Duration: 7' 12" 

Instrumentation: drumset (acoustic + midi-pad), 1-2 noisemakers, bari sax, and tape.

Year: 2020

Commissioned by Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik.
Performed by Ensemble Mosiak.

Tape made and revised by Kelley Sheehan.