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Duration: 7'12"

Instrumentation: ​ drumset (acoustic + midi-pad), 1-2 noisemakers, bari sax, & tape

Year: 2020

()*the drummer

Program notes​

My first real live concert experience was an overcrowded RUSH concert with my dad was I was very young. I vividly remember Neal Peart's showy and virtuosic solos that included a rotating drum set, triggering midi pads, and accompanying video (that he also triggered). When I started to think of this piece the new broke of Peart's death and so I found myself wanting to engage with that memory. Loosely titled after one of Peart's famous solos "der trommler."

Commissioned by Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik.
Performed by Ensemble Mosiak.

Tape made and revised by Kelley Sheehan.



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