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Premiere by Claudia Maria Racovicean performing at Kings Palace

Acids are named by the anion they form when dissolved in water. Depending on the anion the hydrogen attaches to we assign these solutions different names.

Hydrochloric acid is found in the guts, of most animal species, preventing infections. The frilled nudibranch sea slug oozes sulphuric acid to protect itself.

Rainwater is slightly acidic because carbon dioxide in the air dissolves in water to form carbonic acid. The pock-marked appearance of statues is caused by this acid in rain attacking the stone.

If hydrofluoric acid touches your skin,  it attacks your nerves, causing either the loss of feeling or excruciating pain.

Naming an acid comes from a process of becoming, of bonding and forming, with something else. At some point, all acids are not yet named.

Duration:~6 mins 

Instrumentation: midi-keys

Year: 2020

commissioned and performed by the Riot Ensemble as part of the Zeitgeist Commissions

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