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This is the score for "In the Words Of..." It features two individual scores. The first, a text only score (first page). The second, a text and graphic score (second and third page).

In the score for in the words of…, you will find the phrase, “react to what may be played next [...] Interact through this anticipation of the other performer.” This invites the performers to move into a space of speculation, relying on the need to witness, on honesty, communication and vulnerability. It forces a performer to focus on that which is outside of themselves, and, occasionally, to focus upon themselves. These forces display the differences in levels of awareness inwards and to the listener. This improvisational stage is used to question our approach to the world through intuiting and reliance upon the self. While I use a variety of mediums and forms, this self-awareness and the making of the self is a thematic link across all of my work.


In the Words Of... is an work of open instrumentation. The work blends instructive text, shapes, and graphics along with key phrases found in the works of composer Pauline Oliveros to ask performers to focus on themselves, their surroundings, and their own perceptions of both.

Duration: at the discretion of the performers

Instrumentation: Open

Year: 2017 

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