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3 Movements

(2017) for chamber


(2019) tape only/8 channel


(2018) Trombone for two performers + Electronics

[ *a perpetual ongoing collaborative project between myself and Riley Leitch* ]

Talk Circus

(2018) two percussionist and one musician on No-Input Mixer

four sharp corners

(2018) String Quartet + Materials

Circle Speak

(2018) Maze Toy + Electronics

[*improvisation/DIY Instruments*]

A Series of Colors

(2017-18) for snare drum and tape 

from gathered...

(2019) string trio, e. guitar, electronic musician, midi keyboard

Tech Bite

(2017) for slide whistle, feedback, and video


(2019) one percussionist and electronics


In The Words Of..

(2017) for open duet

Boundary Music

(2018) for B-flat cl, bass cl, and horn (or any 3 players)

[recording coming soon]

open instrumentation/improvisation


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