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3 Movements

(2017) for chamber

S e l e c t e d  W o r k s


(2019) tape only/8 channel


(2018) Trombone for two performers + Electronics

[ *a perpetual ongoing collaborative project between myself and Riley Leitch* ]

Talk Circus

(2018) two percussionist and one musician on No-Input Mixer

four sharp corners

(2018) String Quartet + Materials

Circle Speak

(2018) Maze Toy + Electronics

[*improvisation/DIY Instruments*]

A Series of Colors

(2017-18) for snare drum and tape 

from gathered...

(2019) string trio, e. guitar, electronic musician, midi keyboard

Tech Bite

(2017) for slide whistle, feedback, and video


Boundary Music

(2018) for B-flat cl, bass cl, and horn (or any 3 players)

[recording coming soon]

In The Words Of..

(2017) for open duet

open instrumentation/improvisation


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